Although my undergraduate degree included television and film studies, it was not primarily focused on production. My goal was to use those, as well as literature, as a lens on cultural values. This focus led me to Harvard for a Masters Degree.

Among my jobs there: managing Harvard’s beautiful 1166-seat hall, Sanders Theater.

Sanders Theater, Harvard

I expected to become a teacher…just not a teacher of pre-schoolers, which is what I became. I loved their energy and sense of curiosity far more than anything I found in post-graduate programs, and it was a great fit.

(It’s a Sunday in mid-December as I write this, after the Friday on which 20 children and 6 women lost their lives to gun policies driven by madmen, every bit as much as the guns wielded by one young man who was unable to get the mental health help he needed.)

My next job was also a great fit, managing bookstores for Barnes & Noble in Baltimore and DC. This was even cooler than you think it would be.

I was as surprised as anyone when my wife Nora Williams and I moved to the Florida Keys in 1990 and formed our own video production company, Keys Entertainment & Advertising in 1990. Since I hadn’t really paid attention in my one production class 11 years earlier, this was a fantastic opportunity to relearn everything from the ground up.

The first few miles of the 100 mile-long island chain of the Florida Keys, extending from Florida’s southernmost tip. Here looking southwest: Atlantic Ocean on the left, Florida Bay/Gulf of Mexico on the right.

Our production and advertising work focused on community activism, natural science, and, well, other stuff.

For reasons that will take too long to explain, Tiny Tim -- seen here in 1994 -- was a regular guest on one of the five TV shows we produced.

For reasons that will take too long to explain, Tiny Tim, seen here in 1994, was a regular guest on one of the five TV shows we produced. My wife and the company’s president, Nora Williams, on right.

In 2000, I was invited to join visual effects and titling software company Boris FX after doing demos and writing tutorials for them on a freelance basis. This led to product management and product marketing, a role I continued when I moved to industry leader Avid Technology in 2003, focusing on the Avid Media Composer family of editing products for film and television.

To skip back to 1995 or so, just as the internet as we know it was getting underway, the online resource I relied on for my professional growth (and sanity) was a peer-to-peer media producers network that evolved into CreativeCOW.net. After my sojourn in corporate life, I joined the COW full time in 2006, and am living happily ever after.

Below, 25-ish years of jobs. I had no idea I’d be in this industry this long, especially since I’d never planned on being in it at all.

  • CreativeCOW.net
    Vice President/Editor-in-Chief, 2006 – present
  • Avid Technology
    Sr. Product Marketing Mgr, 2003 – 2006
  • Boris FX
    Product Manager, Director of Marketing, 2000 – 2003
  • Keys Entertainment & Advertising
    Creative Director, Camera man, Editor, Motion Graphics, 1990 – 2000


  • Harvard University
    World Religions & Culture, 1982 – 1985
  • Baylor University
    TV/Film, Literature, 1978 – 1982


I have a freakish knowledge of early 1970s popular music.

I’ve moved 22 times in 30 years.

My politics are all the way to the left.

I’m obsessed with teen vampire fiction.

I’m not supposed to admit this, but I’m proud to love TV more than film. And I’m not just talking about that 13-episodes/season cable stuff either. That’s easy. Being good for 22 episodes at a time: that’s hard. Let’s start with The Vampire Diaries and take it from there.

metropolitim, aka Tim Wilson

metropolitim, aka Tim Wilson


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