the most annoying innovation in moviegoing history?

Pop quiz time! Who said this, and what new cinematic technology were they talking about? Get this right, and I’ll buy you a real pony.

“[This] has been tried and rejected countless times. It has always met overwhelming objections. Not only has [it] never been properly developed, but there has been a grave doubt whether, even properly developed, it could be applied without detracting more than it added…. The argument has been that it would tire and distract the eye, take attention from acting and facial expression, blur and confuse the action.”

So who was it? Roger Ebert on 3D? Any monkey on Twitter, where, even before The Hobbit opened, 48 fps cinema is the top negative topic, with FORTY-FIVE PERCENT of all negative traffic?

Correct answers: Douglas Fairbanks. On Color. In reference to the difficulties he found in getting financing for The Black Pirate. In 1926.

Sounding vaguely like any 21st-century approaches to filmmaking technology? Sound vaguely like YOU?

The opposition to adding color to movies was resolute, and it was longstanding. As late as 1947, not one of the nominees for a Best Picture Oscar was in color. Not one.

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