“before i forget: don’t wear any underwear.”

“Before I forget: don’t wear any underwear.”

That’s what my contact was telling me to prep me for my first helicopter ride.

“What? Why?”

“If the helicopter crashes, your flight suit will keep things from catching on fire, but it can get hot enough to melt the rubber in your waistband. It’d burn right through you. Slice you in half.”

Makes sense, I thought as a I hung up.

Wait — keep THINGS from catching on fire? Which things? Why were we talking about my underwear again?

I began to think that this was all a ploy to distract me from “if the helicopter crashes.” It wasn’t working, but alligators all of a sudden didn’t sound so scary. They could tear enormous chunks out of my flesh, but it’s not like they could slice me in half with burning rubber.

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